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Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)

PTS is a research and development institute that operates as a foundation since 1951. In accordance to the mission defined by its stakeholder industries, PTS activities cover the whole pulp and paper value chain and assist companies in all sectors with the development and use of modern fibre-based solutions in the areas of research, consultancy, testing and training.

In recent years, PTS increasingly focused its research and development efforts on materials for non-classical paper products in the field of light weight construction and on non-cellulose fibre-materials for paper-like products.

More specifically, the research units operate in the following sectors:

Fibres & Composites: Development of specialty papers and fibre composites, semi-finished paper products and bio-composites for new markets.

Functional Surfaces: Surface and dispersion analytics as well as development of barriers and other functional coatings. Use of alternative raw materials with a focus on sustainability and recyclability.

PTS Pilot Plant: Modularly operating paper machine for fast product testing and production of paper and nonwoven materials. Reactive extrusion of fibrous materials and coating facilities.

Smart Services and Products: Development of measuring systems of fibre-based materials, sensor solutions to support process management and quality assurance.

Material Testing & Analytics: Analysis and evaluation of paper, board, cardboard, corrugated board, nonwovens, composites, packaging, paper converting and print products, dispersions, emulsions, pigments, process-water, recovered paper, and residues.

In Heidenau near Dresden, PTS is operating a modern pilot plant facility for innovative development of paper and wet-laid nonwovens. Moreover, it offers modern equipped analytical laboratories.

PTS’ training program offers the latest technological know-how on paper production, converting, and new applications of paper.

To develop efficient solutions for today’s complex challenges, PTS performs extensive research projects and co-operates with universities, colleges, research institutes, associations and companies.

In the IMPETUS project, PTS is deeply involved in the paper development ranging from first concepts, the production of first demonstrator rolls, their processing and the testing of properties to the assessment of recyclability and environmental aspects of the IMPETUS point-of-care testing card.

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