R-Biopharm AG: Reliable Analysis

R-Biopharm AG (https://r-biopharm.com) is a family-run business and one of Germany’s leading biotechnology companies.

Consumer´s and patient´s health is of R-Biopharm´s highest value. Reliable analysis creates certainty, improves daily life of many people and contributes to health, safe nutrition and better quality of life – sometimes without them being directly aware of it.

As an internationally recognized top biotechnology provider, R-Biopharm stands for the development of excellent technologies, products and solutions in the areas of

Clinical Diagnostics

Food & Feed Analysis

Nutrition Care

R-Biopharm is also world leader in the field of allergen analysis test systems.

Its analysis allows for certainty in the diagnosis of diseases and along the whole nutritional food chain - including test systems for safe animal feed and safe food as well as individualized nutrition.

R-Biopharm unites research, development, production and distribution all under one roof – everything is “Made in Germany“. At the same time the company closely cooperates with its subsidiaries and highly skilled partners – to push the development of versatile rapid tests and provide even faster answers to the most diverse analytical challenges, which really benefit our society.

R-Biopharm´s role in the IMPETUS project

Within the IMPETUS project, R-Biopharm provides its knowledge and technology for the development of lateral flow tests using electrochemical detection to discriminate between bacterial and viral infections. In particular, R-Biopharm will contribute its expertise and materials for the development of the biochemical assay and the biosensing test card. Having a vast knowledge of the biotechnology market, R-Biopharm will also be one of the key partners for the dissemination and exploitation of the results obtained by the IMPETUS project.

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