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Silicon Austria Labs

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is a top research center for Electronic Based Systems (EBS) in Austria. With its headquarters in Graz and two more locations in Villach and Linz, SAL is conducting application-oriented research along the entire EBS value chain – from chip to intelligent systems – and develops future-oriented solutions for industrial production, health, energy, mobility, safety and more.

Currently, nearly 200 researchers from 40 different nations are working on topics such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving, cyber-physical systems (CPS), AI, smart cities, smart energy and smart health. SAL brings together key players from industry, science and research and thus valuable expertise and know-how and conducts cooperative, application-oriented research along the entire value chain. Cooperative projects are co-financed by SAL and enable a fast and unbureaucratic project start. SAL also offers various R&D services in the fields of sensor and microsystem technologies. This helps customers to cost-effectively develop novel prototypes and technologies in SAL’s state-of-the-art laboratories and cleanroom.

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Role of SAL in the IMPETUS project

IMPETUS targets to develop an innovative chip mounting system integrated in the R2R pilot line. In the course of this project, SAL develops a stable offline chip mounting process to merge it on the IMPETUS pilot line. Within SAL, the Research Unit “Heterogeneous Integration” is entrusted with this task. In March 2021, the work on the new Heterogeneous Integration Technologies (HIT) laboratory was completed and our researchers can now make use of its state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The successful fine-pitch flip-chip bonding of un-packaged microchips on IMPETUS paper substrates is being carried out by SAL in collaboration with the project partners. Here, the specifications of the pilot line in terms of interconnect materials and technologies for both bare dies and packaged chips, bonding techniques, minimum pitch sizes, pick and placement tolerances are being examined and defined by SAL.

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